Our school


Bell State School has a wonderful history with the celebration of turning one hundred years old in 2007. The Bell township is located 40 kilometres from Dalby and our district is well serviced by bus transport services. A point of interest is that the majority of our students travel by bus to school. Thereby our communication between the home and the school is very important to ensure a supportive and well nourished partnership. The school newsletter is a vital connection and is both well read and well regarded by our local and district community.

Many opportunities are available to help students develop their interests and abilities, for example, our school achieved a 5 star rating in the Cleaner Greener Schools through our School Environmental Management Plan, Cross Country carnivals are hosted by our school, an enjoyable, informative playgroup is well supported and an active P&C reflects the strong partnership of rural school experiences. All teachers and support staff have high expectations for achievement and behaviour as we work together to learn our way to improvement.

We have a 7 period day that involves the core subjects of mathematics, English, science, health and physical education (HPE), history, geography, languages and a choice of several high interest enrichment courses such as business computers, business studies, home economics, wood technology, metal technology, graphics, media studies, drama and visual arts. The junior secondary and senior students provide to the primary students, many learning opportunities through peer mentoring programs.

The primary students engage in weekly specialist lessons for HPE, music, drama, languages and art. Upper primary classes engage in home economics and wood technology classes in the junior secondary area of the school. Being a p-10 school offers a direct pathway for our upper primary students to move seamlessly into junior secondary.

Our school expectations

Be safe.

Be respectful.

Be an active learner.

Our school is a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) school, that means, we work together to identify, adopt and apply evidence based practices for building and supporting academic and social success for all students. Weekly PBL lessons are formally timetabled to ensure all students have learning experiences to grow their social and emotional skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. A parent handbook is provided upon enrolment and weekly data sharing and informative articles around PBL in action at our school, is provided in the newsletter.

Our Prospectus has been prepared to assist you to become more familiar with a range of features related to this school. We recommend that you and your older children read it and keep it in a safe place for future referral. We trust that you will find it both comprehensive and informative.

Last reviewed 17 April 2019
Last updated 17 April 2019